Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ruffians of the slate

A little bit of fun stylised character sketching! :D


"On the Lost Lilly, Isle of the dead,
A headless corpse is a sign to dread."

Extract from "The bard of Borwiv"

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Malevolents - Issue 1 teaser

Teaser a new comic from Captcha Studios called Malevolents. I have had the pleasure of working on issue 1 "Click Click" as Illustrator!

Checkout our teaser trailer here:

Website here:

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A little something for you all.

Some more sketching based on Roleplaying session characters from "The Adventures of Allan & Grape" These characters are mine and a friends player characters from the series. (when i took a break from my Gamemaster role ;})

Here we have the barbarian, hunter, hero (and beard enthusiast) Kingdrad the Giant, with his understudy / squire (and biggest fan!) Catchah the elvish bard. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The adventures of Allan and Grape!

Recently me and my cousins have started having some pen and paper roleplaying session (Dungeon World!!) we had so much fun i decided to draw a few of the characters we created.  

These are my cousins two characters and the heroes of our adventures, Allan and Grape, two monsters hunters getting up to comedic hijinks in a fantasy setting! FUN!!

Friday, 30 May 2014

We Can Be Heroes

Fun little short comic i created for the "We can be heroes" category of the British Library X ARTSTHREAD 'comics Unmasked' competition. 

Enjoy. :)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Some concept work...

A little bit of concept work, fleshing out ideas for one of my
personal projects.

Lady Knight 2

Second Lady Knight drawing done using Sean Ng's Description Randomizer (See first Lady Knight for a link) This time the descriptors were:

Weapon - Mace/Club

Build - Short

Personality - Glum

Culture - Japanese

Animal - Bear

The Hybrid Exile - Creature concept

So this little concept came about when me and my friend were discussing the mysterious but incredibly important character of the King's brother Aldia from Fromsoft's 'Dark Souls 2'

This is what what i think an Aldia 'Boss' could look like, horribly deformed as a result of him experimenting on himself to try and become a dragon/human hybrid in an attempt to conquer the undead curse. 

I definitely took a lot of inspiration from Seath and The Gaping Dragon with the design for this guy, in terms of the fleshy crystalline look (crystals of immortality!), and also the third eye look from Kalameet from the Dark Souls 1 DLC. 
I also wanted to contrast the deranged/hollowed humanoid elements of the creature, and the majestic reverence of the dragon form. Creating a bizarrely ugly yet beautiful creature. 

The heads on the right show how the human part of him also can act as a dragons head.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Lady Knight 1

Lady Knight:

Weapon - Bow/Musket

Build - Top Heavy

Personality - Bashful

Culture - Russian

Animal - Boar

Some artists i followed started using this Female Knight randomizer created by Sean Ng:

it gives you a randomised set of descriptors that you illustrate a character from. I thought it was a very fun idea so gave it a shot myself! :) 

So here is my fist Lady Knight! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Portfolio site!

Hey Everyone!

New portfolio site is up, containing some previously unposted work!

Head there now, via the portfolio tab^^ if you are interested. :)

Thanks, and speak soon.
(Don't worry I'm still gonna be uploading stuff here. :D

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Mr. Croup & Mr. Vandemar

I recently delved into the various works of Neil Gaiman, First with 'The Sandman', and I'm now half way through his 'Neverwhere'. 

While reading this Novel I felt the overwhelming urge to draw how i envisioned many of the characters, particularly these two gentlemen. :P 

If i get the time ill hopefully draw up some of the other characters too. :)


A poster featuring some of the characters from the fantasy world i am creating with my Girlfriend the talented Lucy :) 

Not gonna give away much more than that at this stage, still in early story/lore development, but we are both very passionate about this project, and hope to someday get to share more of it with you all!! 

Hope you enjoy!!

Characters (c) Joe Becci and Lucy Warrell

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Tale of Two Sons

Sketch page Inspired by 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' (Starbreeze Studios) and its beautiful Soundtrack

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Last Big Adventure - Twinsen & Dinofly

This just formed while i was listening to the Little Big Adventure 1 + 2 soundtracks last night, and feeling all nostalgic... :'}

Just a little sketch concept as to what Twinsen and Dinofly would look like if they bought out an LBA 3, weathered and worn these two long time companions have set out on one final adventure together...

Based on Little Big Adventure by Adeline Software 

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Endless Dream

Ok trying to get back in the flow with ma drawing, after the slow down over the holidays. 

I started reading Neil Gaimen's 'The Sandman' over xmas, and am thoroughly engrossed, so what better material to start of with then the King of Dreams himself???

Had a lot of fun just being loose and energetic with this piece, and enjoyed it immensely! :) 

p.s. First upload of 2014!! :D