Thursday, 17 April 2014

Some concept work...

A little bit of concept work, fleshing out ideas for one of my
personal projects.

Lady Knight 2

Second Lady Knight drawing done using Sean Ng's Description Randomizer (See first Lady Knight for a link) This time the descriptors were:

Weapon - Mace/Club

Build - Short

Personality - Glum

Culture - Japanese

Animal - Bear

The Hybrid Exile - Creature concept

So this little concept came about when me and my friend were discussing the mysterious but incredibly important character of the King's brother Aldia from Fromsoft's 'Dark Souls 2'

This is what what i think an Aldia 'Boss' could look like, horribly deformed as a result of him experimenting on himself to try and become a dragon/human hybrid in an attempt to conquer the undead curse. 

I definitely took a lot of inspiration from Seath and The Gaping Dragon with the design for this guy, in terms of the fleshy crystalline look (crystals of immortality!), and also the third eye look from Kalameet from the Dark Souls 1 DLC. 
I also wanted to contrast the deranged/hollowed humanoid elements of the creature, and the majestic reverence of the dragon form. Creating a bizarrely ugly yet beautiful creature. 

The heads on the right show how the human part of him also can act as a dragons head.