Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 59, 60 and one extra.

Well 60 drawings is up folks, this process was a hell of alot of fun, and really liberating for me, getting me to regularly draw what i want, and feel like at the time. I feel i learned alot, and managed to flesh out some stories of mine in my head, and really develop some personal projects of mine.

This isnt the end though, i will continue posting up drawings (almost as regularly) maybe not everyday, but when ever i get a chance. So alot more stuff to come. :) Thanks everyone for tuning in, and for the kind words, and support!


Sail said...

keep drawing every single day. drop the obligation of having to post them and see what happens. I found it terribly liberating and even more exciting.

Joe said...

oh i still try to do atleast 1 drawing/painting a day for sure. :)

and not having to worry about always posting them is nice too.

Althjough i will still try an dput som eup when i can!