Sunday, 1 July 2012

It begins!

Hey guys! Ok so I've been slowly developing my own "world" of sorts in my personal art for a while now (Actually i have a few on the go, but this one in particular), a lot of my original characters seen on my Deviant Art page all dwell within it. Its a constantly changing and evolving beast, But I really hope to start really pushing some ideas forward over the summer, figuring out what is working and what isnt, and really beginning to flesh it all out in a more coherent and grounded way!

So starting now im gonna try to upload at least one piece of work everyday. (Usually focused around this world, but not always, I will take the occasional break and upload something else.) 

These uploads will vary from small simple sketches of objects, or characters, to full colour work that I spend more time on. Some times with text or story to go along with it, sometimes not. It all depends how much time i have and what i feel like doing at the time. 


Ok So here is todays image, a bustling alley, where people are shoveling all sorts of wares, from mechanical limbs/upgrades, to exotic birds! 


Pru said...


I am amazed, and astonished by every new piece you gift us with!!!

THIS piece "speaks" to me about the materialistic and almost surreal state of our world...... ANYTHING for money no matter the cost to self!!!

BRAAAAAVO, my friend!!!

Joe said...

Thank you Pru!

Cant say i had that in mind when i created the image, but i guess materialism is a rather central theme to the "world" i am creating

(although its still heavily a work in progress ~:P)